What is a Continuum of Care? Options for Assisted Living and Memory Care: Edmond, OK

Seniors have many options for care and support that can provide assistance with daily activities in a secure and engaging environment. One such option is called a continuum of care, which is becoming increasingly popular among senior living communities like Proveer at Quail Creek.

Today, we’ll discuss what continuum of care means and how it can benefit seniors. We will also shed some light on the different types of senior care available from Proveer at Quail Creek and how seniors and their families can choose the right care according to their needs.

So, what is a continuum of care?

Continuum of care is a model of senior living that provides a range of care options within a single community, which accommodates seniors’ changing needs over time. This model includes assisted living and memory care.

Edmond, OK assisted living is the most common type of senior housing in the area, which provides personal care services and assistance as needed. Memory care, on the other hand, focuses on specialized care of seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Plus, these services typically contain several levels of care in and of themselves.

With the continuum of care, seniors can remain in familiar surroundings while benefiting from the assistance they need as they age.

The Benefits of a Continuum of Care for Seniors

Flexibility in Assisted Living and Memory Care

Edmond, Oklahoma seniors typically find that, as their needs evolve, they require different levels of care. A senior living community offering a continuum of care creates a flexible setting that accommodates seniors’ changing needs without disrupting their daily life.

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For instance, a senior already in assisted living but developing memory loss can move into memory care when needed without changing their daily environments.


Living in a continuum of care community ensures more opportunities for security, with access to professional medical help in emergencies. These communities also have extensive security measures in place, like Proveer’s personal pendants for urgent assistance, which can give residents and their families greater peace of mind.


Continuum of care communities often have a range of amenities available, from housekeeping and laundry to on-site dining and transportation services. In addition, Proveer at Quail Creek provides:

  • On-site rehabilitation
  • Pharmacy services
  • Individualized service plans
  • Pet-friendly monthly rental apartments

These arrangements can make daily life easier and more enjoyable for seniors, allowing them to spend more time with loved ones or pursuing their interests.


Unfortunately, isolation is a common problem among seniors, particularly those living alone. Continuum of care communities generally offer plenty of opportunities for socialization, including group activities and events for seniors. These setups allow them to build meaningful relationships and stay engaged, improving their quality of life.

Wellness Programs

With the continuum of care approach, seniors have access to a range of wellness programs, which can help them stay active and healthy. These programs can include exercise classes and fitness programs, as well as cultural and educational activities.

Choose the Right Care for Your Needs

Finding the right senior living community is crucial for seniors and their families. To make the best decision, you should consider your current health status, your medical needs, and the support you require. Keep your personal preferences and goals in mind as well.

The continuum of care model provides a flexible, secure, and supportive option for senior living that seniors and their families can benefit from. With different levels of care available within a single community, seniors can live in familiar environments while receiving the assistance they need as they age.


With plenty of options available from Proveer at Quail Creek, seniors needing extra assistance are sure to find a care plan that fits their requirements, whether they’re looking for assisted living or memory care. Edmond, OK families, contact us to bring your family on a tour!

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